Bank of the San Juans

Bank happy. Work happy. Right here.

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A handshake. A smile. Along with something that’s getting all-to-hard to find these days; honest, straight-talk. Sure, these types of personal touches may seem "old school", but they’re an important part of the culture that makes Bank of the San Juans not only a happy place, but a place where our customers can count on receiving friendly and personal service.

At Bank of the San Juans, every decision we make revolves around core values, including:

Honesty and integrity
Service to the customer
Respect for the Individual
Giving to the communities we serve, and
A focus on helping people achieve their dreams.

At Bank of the San Juans, we place significant emphasis on both being happy and making others happy. It's one of the reasons we treat everyone who comes through our doors like family. Our philosophy is "Make happy those who are near and those who are far will come." We invite you to visit Bank of the San Juans and see what a little happy can do.

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