Andrew Cole

Energy Engineering, Grid Forecasting, Energy Policy
  • August 16, 2021

Mechanical engineering graduate with experience in the energy and utilities industry with a desire to use my engineering and analytical skills to help create a cleaner energy grid while maintaining reliability and affordability for local communities. I would like to embed myself in the community and work towards a greener and more resilient grid in the four corners region. This could take the form of clean energy policy advocacy, local clean energy design and installation, or grid planning.

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Mechanical Engineering @ University of Colorado Boulder
Aug 2015 — May 2019

Honors: Magna Cum Laude, Engineering Honors Program, Engineering Dean’s List, GPA 3.8


Energy and Utilities Analyst @ PA Consulting Group
Jul 2019 — Apr 2021

My primary duty was to model energy market fundamentals using Aurora XMP production cost modeling software to forecast wholesale electricity prices for the Alberta and California regions. This involved tracking new market developments (RPS standards, load forecasts, BA IRPs, market rule changes, new entrants) and incorporating them into the model as well as coordinating across the fifty-person team to discuss what to include and their impact on our forecast. Additionally, I helped develop long term capacity expansion models based on purely economics or a blended economic/policy driven environment. I frequently balanced multiple client timelines, budgets, and accuracy considerations when putting together forecasts.

Engineering Intern @ Oscilla Power Inc
May 2017 — Aug 2017

Designed a cooling circuit for hydraulic system within wave energy converter (WEC) device is safe for marine use. I worked with hydraulics engineer and heat exchanger manufacturers to develop optimal design and generated and presented a formal report on findings to design team.

I provided structural analysis of key load bearing fixtures on WEC device. I examined the apparatus from a high level and explored methods to decrease overall mass by 8000kg while experiencing loads 1.5x greater and presented findings to design team and gave recommendations on how to proceed.

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