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When healthcare is required, La Plata County offers top-rate facilities

Hospitals, Clinics, Pediatrics, Dentists and Orthodontists

When healthcare is required, La Plata County offers top-rate facilities

With Our Top-Rated Healthcare Facilities, You Can Call This Place Home

Because of the nature of where La Plata County is located with an abundance of outdoor activities in close proximity, adopting a healthy lifestyle is easy here. But as with any place, accidents occur and people get sick. When healthcare is required, La Plata County offers top-rated facilities that are recognized for their outstanding patient services. You can find comfort in knowing that you and your family will be in good hands with our caring physicians and specialists – many of whom you’ll get to know outside of the medical environment because of our tightknit community. So go ahead. Move to Durango and start your happily-ever-after.


Mercy Regional Healthcare Center

Nestled in a 650-acre valley east of downtown Durango, Mercy Regional Healthcare Center is the largest medical facility in the area. It boasts exceptional safety ratings and is a level III trauma center. Specialties include breast diagnostics, cancer care and emergency medicine. Healthgrades®, a leading independent health care ratings company, has named Mercy Regional Medical Center among the top five percent in the nation for Outstanding Patient Experience for eight years in a row (2009/2010-2016) and Patient Safety in 2016.

Animas Surgical Hospital

Animas Surgical Hospital is the closest medical facility to downtown Durango and is known for its expertise in surgeries, occupational and internal medicine, short emergency wait times and diagnostic imaging. It’s located on the beautiful Animas River and is consistently awarded for excellence in patient care. It’s been ranked as Colorado’s number one hospital in patient satisfaction by with a near zero infection rate, high nurse to patient ratio and personalized, friendly service.

Urgent Care Clinics

From an urgent care facility at Purgatory Resort to one at either end of Durango’s main thoroughfare, medical assistance for immediate healthcare needs is available for residents and visitors. In addition to walk-in treatments for injuries and illnesses, most of our urgent care clinics also provide convenient checkups, sports physicals, general exams, x-rays and labs.

Animas Urgent Care
Durango Urgent Care
Mercy Urgent Care at Purgatory Resort

Non-Profit Clinics

Axis Health Systems

Family Practice Clinics

There are many choices in medical practices in La Plata County, those that are smaller and family owned to larger facilities with a robust staff. While all clinics focus on treatment, most advise on prevention as well and offer suggestions for staying healthy. Some clinics also integrate natural medicine into their treatment and prevention plans.


It’s said that to be a pediatrician takes heart and there’s no shortage of heart with the physicians who care for our children in La Plata County. Our pediatricians are deeply invested in the well being of our children so our kids can enjoy a healthy, happy and active life.

Mental Health

Many locals gather mental and physical strength by engaging in the beautiful outdoors; however, when life presents challenges, our accomplished mental health professionals offer counseling services to people of all ages. Each provider specializes in his/her own area of expertise to best serve individual needs.

Dentists and Orthodontists

La Plata County gives a person plenty of reasons to smile and be giddy. When you’re in the backcountry taking that perfect selfie, you’ll thank one of our skilled dentists or orthodontists for a smile as large as the mountain peaks and as bright as the bluebird day.

Alternative Healthcare

When it comes to alternative healthcare, La Plata County offers a variety of preferences from physicians practicing functional medicine to chiropractors and acupuncturists to homeopathic specialists and more. Having choices in healthcare reflects the overall essence of our diverse and well-rounded community.

Did you know?

Outside Magazine recently recognized Durango as one of the best places to live, calling it, “the next big thing.” We understand first-hand their reasons for honoring us with this kind of praise. It’s because of our quality of life here. Did you know Colorado has one of the lowest rates of inactivity and obesity in the nation?


  • Durango has approximately 368 physicians; the national average is 210

  • Colorado is ranked #3 in the nation for physical activity and for having the lowest diabetes rate

  • With 100 being the best, Durango is ranked at a 96 for air quality

  • Colorado is ranked as #5 in the nation for quality of life for older Americans

  • Colorado is ranked #3 in the nation for one of the best places to raise an outdoor kid

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