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A lifestyle you could get used to.

Health, Happiness & High Altitude

A lifestyle you could get used to.

Causes for Happiness Durango is rated as the 3rd Best Small Town in the United States to live.

You may have first been introduced to our area because of Durango’s tourist attractions. Perhaps you rode the Durango Silverton train. You may have even daydreamed about what it’s like to live here. For starters, you’ll find welcoming neighborhoods and friendly rural values. It’s said our community has more non-profits per capita than most metro areas. That’s because we’re a caring community, and we look after one another. Most locals will tell you that their friends, neighbors and co-workers are like extended family. Simply stated, we enjoy neighborly living.

300 miles of trails

There are 300 miles of trails for mountain biking and hiking within 30 minutes of downtown Durango.

3.5 miles of gold medal trout fishing

And our overall area is known as a premier fly fishing destination

Top 10 best cycling towns

We love our bikes, which is why we’re ranked as one of the nation’s top 10 best cycling towns. 

3rd in the nation for rasing an outdoor kid

Our kids spend more time outdoors, leading to happy and healthier lives. 

Locally owned and operated ski resorts

Our locally owned ski areas are ranked as one of Colorado’s best family values.

History in our backyard

We get to explore THREE World Heritage sites in close proximity: Mesa Verde National Park, Chaco Culture National Historic Park and Taos Pueblo.

Strong local economy

We have an excellent business culture, which is why we’re ranked as one of the best small town economies in the nation.

Community driven, community lead

You’ll get to know your neighbors, your community leaders, and find ways to get involved.

Top 10 towns in CO for young families

We know our neighbors and live in a bighearted community, which is why we’re ranked as a top 10 town in Colorado for young families.