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Live Genuinely

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Health, Happiness & High Altitude

Our snowcapped peaks and redstone cliffs have more to offer than breathtaking views. For starters, studies have found that living at a higher elevation lowers the chance of heart disease. Plus, sports associated with high altitude like hiking, mountain biking, skiing and rock climbing are big calorie burners, keeping you healthier. Playing in the fresh air also promotes peace of mind. You can de-stress by doing what you love whether it’s fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, floating the river, walking the trail or golfing at one of our four courses. Whatever it is you enjoy, you can find your happiness here.

Sunny Days & Room to Roam

It’s hard to beat our Colorado temperatures. In the southwest we average almost 320 days of sunshine each year. When the clouds are loaded with moisture during the winter months, we also receive significant snowfalls. But, did you know that we get three times the amount of snowfall in our surrounding mountains as we do in town? That means we spend less time shoveling and more time playing. There’s also plenty of room to roam with over half of Durango being protected by open space.

Living the Dream: Our Businesses Serve the World

Great companies have been birthed in La Plata County. As an example, Outside Magazine has voted StoneAge, a world-leading manufacturer of high-pressure waterblast tools, as one of the best places to work in the United States. Or, look at Vantiv Pay. Their idea began here and grew to be a “Unicorn,” a startup company that’s valued at over $1 billion dollars. Our other global and national businesses include manufacturers of outdoor instruments, producers of dog treats, creators of endurance drinks, rocket propulsion testers and builders of sound systems for model railroads, just to name a few. It’s one of the reasons we rank as a top ten town in Colorado to start a business. What’s your big idea? If you can conceive it, we’ll support you in making it happen.

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